Thursday, April 12, 2007

Stanley Cup Playoffs, Night 1

Wow, were the Penguins caught in the headlights tonight or what? And could the night have possibly gone any longer? Regardless, the last thing anyone can say about the opening night of the 2007 postseason is that there aren't enough goals in hockey. In just four games, we saw 21 goals. Here's a recap of the night's matchups.

Senators 6, Penguins 3
Senators lead series 1-0
I caught bits of this game here and there on Versus but don't let the score fool you. It was 6-1 at one point. The Pens got utterly crushed. And before you ask, yes Crosby got a goal. A completely inconsequential and meaningless goal. Now as far as my prediction goes, the Pens have to win the next four straight or I'm wrong. Anyone think I have a shot at being right?

Sharks 5, Predators 4, 2OT
Sharks lead series 1-0
Nashville battled back... almost. They recovered from a 4-2 deficit only to fall in double-OT. I didn't get to see this one (except for highlights on Versus), but I wish I did. Bad news for San Jose though. A bad hit by Scott Hartnell resulted in Jonathan Cheechoo having to be helped off the ice. No word on when he'll be back yet.

Canucks 5, Stars 4, 4OT
Canucks lead series 1-0
Good god, it's over! I know this wasn't the longest game in league history, but it sure felt like it. And I watched every single second, through four overtimes. Truthfully, I can't believe it's actually over. Seriously though, it was an amazing game and a killer way to open the playoffs. And Luongo won his first-ever playoff game. I truly enjoyed it and it's just a shame that only one team could win. I should also mention that I'm glad Versus broadcasts games in HD. There is no better way to watch hockey unless you're there.

Ducks 2, Wild 1
Ducks lead series 1-0
The Ducks snatched the win with five minutes to go to give them the lead in the series. I didn't get to watch this game but saw highlights on Versus during the intermission breaks. I forgot how many there were. Ridiculous.


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