Sunday, August 12, 2007

Vote On The NHL's Best Logo!

Make your voice heard! Whether you're the world's biggest hockey fan, or you've never watched a game, go place your vote for the NHL's best logo!

Friday, July 13, 2007

The Lightning's New Logo?!

Could it be? Has the Lightning's new logo been leaked? Read more.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

New Sharks Logo Coming July 24

Thought this was interesting. The San Jose Sharks announced today that they'll be unveiling a new logo on July 24. They're calling it an "update" to the current emblem. They will also introduce new secondary marks. One would think the shark fin is gone.

You can read more about it here.

Incidentally, the Lightning haven't made an official announcement, but St. Pete Times Lightning beat writer Damian Cristodero said that the Bolts will also be "updating" the logo and will unveil it some time this summer. I can't wait!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Your Lucky Day

So today is 07/07/07 and that makes it your lucky day because yes, I am writing again. Bad joke.

Anyway, a lot's happened lately, especially with regard to my Bolts. It's funny. I find I actually keep up with team news not through the official web site or local papers, but rather the Boltsmag blog. Thank god for it, right?

The Lightning have signed on a few free agents this week, most notably Chris Gratton and Brad Lukowich. Maybe we can one day bring back Cullimore and Sydor and try to recapture that Stanley Cup experience. No, but seriously, those are a couple of good guys. I can't complain.

Then there's the guys who left. Eric Perrin signed with Atlanta much to the irritation of Coach Torts. It's not surprising. The coaching staff put in a lot of work with him. I know he sees a better opportunity with the Thrashers but he hasn't been in this league that long. He's got plenty of years ahead of him, so why rush? Anyway, I'll like him until the first time he scores a goal against us.

Ruslan Fedotenko who we all knew would not be returning in a Lightning sweater signed with the New York Islanders. I don't know if that was such a wise choice for them as they've been pretty well gutted last week. Ryan Smyth signed with the Avs for one thing. Maybe Feds will once again start playing the way he did for us in 2004. That's what the Isles will need.

And of course Cory Sarich took off for Calgary. I don't really have anything to say on that. I figured he'd leave. Nolan Pratt could be next. I wonder if Sheldon Souray would be a possibility for the blue line. Last I heard he's still available and we still need to shore up the defense.

Last thing for this post. Is Kevin Weekes crazy or does he just like the view from the bench? (I guess the Rangers didn't play him much for that matter.) Or did Brodeur's foibles during the playoffs scare Lou Lamoriello? Either way, No. 80 is now a Devil.

Monday, July 2, 2007

I Need To Get Back To Writing

Seriously. A lot has been going on lately. Perrin and Sarich have disappeared. Kariya and Hamrlik and Smyth and Gomez and the Buffalo co-captains all have new teams. And god only knows who else! It's just crazy. And the Lightning signed Michel Ouellet. I want to write about all of these things if for no other reason than that I'm writing again. The Tournament is going great, though I don't feel enough people are checking it out, but too many interesting things are going on to just ignore them.

So this week, pinky swear. I'll have my commentary. You aren't required to read it. I wouldn't force that on anybody. But it'll be here. Right now, I'm very tired. This is a late hour for someone who's up at 2 AM. Gotta be to work at 4. TV shows don't produce themselves you know. If you happen to live in southwest Florida, check out FOX 4 Rising tomorrow morning. I'll be the guy running the audio board.

Until we meet again.