Wednesday, May 9, 2007

My Big Announcement!

Okay, so I know I promised the announcement on Tuesday, but as far as I'm concerned, this sort of is still Tuesday. Plus I wanted to make you sweat it a little since I know you're dying to know the secret. Prepare for a letdown.

Basically, what I'm announcing is a new blog. But it's not just any kind of blog. It's a blog that will determine definitively which NHL team has the best logo. The best! It will be a marathon tournament that will pit logo against logo with the lone goal of deciding who is champion.

It's called the NHL Tournament of Logos!

Come on, you know you're thrilled. This tournament is really nothing more than a way of getting us hockey fans throught the lean time of the offseason. I guess you could say this isn't really hockey as there are no players or pucks involved, but you can still root for your team.

To learn more of what this tournament is all about, head on over to

Hope it wasn't too much of a disappointment for you. I know I put a lot of hype into it. Let me know what you think. But don't be too harsh.

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