Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Eastern Quarterfinal Roundup

As of now, one round of the 2007 Stanley Cup Playoffs is on the books. But before we take a look ahead to the next round, let's take a quick look at where we've been. Below you'll find the results of each series along with a comparison on how my predictions fared. We'll start with the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals. The West will follow.

Sabres vs Islanders
Sabres win series 4-1
Sabres 4, Islanders 1
Islanders 3, Sabres 2
Sabres 3, Islanders 2
Sabres 4, Islanders 2
Sabres 4, Islanders 3
My Take   You know, once Rick DiPietro came back, I thought all the Isles' problems were solved and they actually had a shot in this series. Impressively, they won Game 2. But that was as much as they could do. The Sabres are an incredibly strong team and I see them in the finals this year. The only reason I'm okay with the Lightning being eliminated in the first round is that had we gone to the second, we would've had to face Buffalo. No, thank you.
Those Lousy Predictions   Sabres in 5; Hey, I got one right! It was an easy one to call though. I think everybody and their mother said Sabres in 5. RIGHT!

Devils vs Lightning
Devils win series 4-2
Devils 5, Lightning 3
Lightning 3, Devils 2
Lightning 3, Devils 2
Devils 4, Lightning 3
Devils 3, Lightning 0
Devils 3, Lightning 2
My Take   Aw, now that was depressing. I moved to a new town this spring and it kept me from being able to watch the Lightning play on TV. Finally, there's a nationally-televised game. And we lose. And Jersey clinches the series. It hurt a little. But I love hockey too much to give up on these playoffs. After all, I have the experience of having been to a Stanley Cup Finals Game 7 where my boys totally pulled it out. The 2004 Stanley Cup Champs! How's that for analysis?
Those Lousy Predictions   Lightning in 6; Hey, I at least got the number of games right even if I didn't pick the winner. It was a crapshoot though. Tampa Bay didn't play as well as it could have, in my opinion. 50/50

Thrashers vs Rangers
Rangers win series 4-0
Rangers 4, Thrashers 3
Rangers 2, Thrashers 1
Rangers 7, Thrashers 0
Rangers 4, Thrashers 2
My Take   I don't think anyone saw a sweep coming in this series. But it was the first one over. Atlanta's playoff run this year made Columbus the sole team to have never qualified for the playoffs. I'm not sure getting swept in the first round is that much better. Still, the Rangers are hot. I wish they didn't have the play the Sabres just yet. This would've made a great confernce final matchup.
Those Lousy Predictions   Thrashers in 7; Don't even start. Atlanta looked good during the regular season. How was I supposed to know they were going to implode as soon as the playoffs began? Not only did I pick the wrong team, I said the series would go all the way. I couldn't possibly be more wrong unless I'd suggested a Thrashers series sweep. WRONG!

Senators vs Penguins
Senators win series 4-1
Senators 6, Penguins 3
Penguins 4, Senators 3
Senators 4, Penguins 2
Senators 2, Penguins 1
Senators 3, Penguins 0
My Take   After Game 1, it looked like this series was going to be the sweep. But the Pens put up a bit of a fight in Game 2. Not enought to extend the series past five games, but you know.
Those Lousy Predictions   Penguins in 5; Here I'm half-right again. I just thought Pittsburgh had more of a chance in this series. Ottawa is known for falling apart at playoff time. Yet I say that knowing full well they knocked out my Lightning in 5 last year in the first round. Anyway, this wasn't the year for the Penguins. Maybe when everyone's a little older. You need to pay a little dues. Work at it for a while. It'll mean more. 50/50

All right then. So as for my predictions. I'm at about 50%. I got one right, one wrong, and half-right on a couple. Not too shabby for someone without a crystal ball. Stay tuned for the West Quarterfinals recap. It's on the way.

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