Sunday, May 27, 2007

My 2007 Stanley Cup Predictions, Round 4

Sorry it's Sunday and I'm just now getting around to posting these. I'm well aware it should've happened already. Still. I've noticed that my predictions seem to have improved over the course of the playoffs. One thing is for sure, though. They're definitely much better than the first round. So let's go one more time for these playoffs.

Stanley Cup Finals

Ducks vs Senators
Sizing It Up: The final series is always the toughest to predict. Things can go either way. But the nice thing is that for the past several seasons, we've been treated to one of the greatest gifts of playoff hockey — Game 7. I'm hoping that will be true again this year. And while I could go on and on about how the Ducks are a team not be easily put down and the Senators are so strong its nearly impossible to think they could lose this series — and you know, general in-depth analysis — I won't because we already know the Ducks are going to win. This proves it.
The Invisible Crystal Ball Says: Ducks in 7

I've predicted the Ducks to take the Cup in both of the last two rounds and I see no reason to change it in this one. Playoff hockey continues tomorrow night and I'm so excited!

Want to post your thoughts? What do you think will happen in this round? Lay it on me in the comments.


SensFan said...

I believe in my Sens! I will be at every game in Ottawa and they WILL win in six. I don't think the Ducks are as good as people think they are. Many thought Ottawa was going to lose the last three rounds so the pressure was on the opposing team. That's exactly what the Sens want. Anaheim is about like Buffalo, 3 or 4 2nd line caliber lines so if they don't shut down Ottawa's top line, they'll be roast ducks. Sens in 6.

Chris said...

Anything's possible but I really think you could be right. The Senators have really shown what they're made of in these playoffs. I still feel this series will go the distance, I just couldn't make a decision on who would win. That's where I let superstition take over and you're guys carried around the Prince of Wales Trophy after beating Buffalo. Still, good luck! I hope your team does win it. I'm a Lightning fan and there is nothing like celebrating a Cup victory.

SensFan said...

Superstition has nothing to do with it. Mark Messier carried the trophy to his dressing room in 94 and he still won the Cup.

Chris said...

You got me there. That's fair enough. It's just one of those things. I really can't say who will win, of course, but I have to pick somebody so all I could do was contrive some lame reason. I just can't wait for the damn series to start! I'll be watching right along with everyone else on Monday night.

SensFan said...

I can't wait either even if there's only a couple of hours left to wait. Over a week between two rounds is way too long!

Anonymous said...

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