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My 2007 Stanley Cup Predictions, Round 1

Okay, before I start, let me please express my disgust (is that putting it too strongly?) in both NBC Sports and Versus. While I'm glad they're putting hockey on the national stage, can I please ask why The Devils/Lightning series does not warrant an ounce worth of coverage? Meanwhile, the Senators/Penguins series is all over the place. Crosby's pretty god. We get it. Now get the fuck over it! Jesus!

Pardon me. This outburst stems from a place of love, you know. I love my Bolts and because I now live in Fort Myers, I can't watch them on television anymore. And it hurts.

Let's get on with it. Now, I'm going to go all out here and make my predictions for the entire 2007 playoff run. However, chances are I'll likely embarrass myself by choosing a team to win the Cup that ends up not making it out of the first round. That said, as each round begins, I'll post a new round of predictions right here.

Here's how it works. I'll simply suggest a winner and the number of games in the series. There's no real rhyme or reason to it. No complicated research or anything. Just gut feelings and some dreaming.

Conference Quarterfinals

Sabres & Islanders
Regular Season Series:
Sabres win 3-1
Sizing It Up: I don't know. For my part, I think the Islanders sort of slipped in through the back door. No wait, that's exactly what they did. They blew a 2-0 lead in the last game of the season against the Devils and only managed to sneak by with a win in the shootout. So I'm not impressed. That said, I don't see a sweep happening necessarily, but I think Buffalo will probably have an easy time the way they've been playing.
How Will It End? Sabres in 5

Devils & Lightning
Regular Season Series:
Lightning win 3-1
Sizing It Up: Obviously, I'm quite biased on this series. But here's the thing, check out the season series. Not to mention the Bolts have a pretty good track record against New Jersey as of late. But yes, I do remember back to 2003, the year before we brought home Lord Stanley. New Jersey KO'd Tampa Bay in five games in the second round. The Devils went on to win the Cup that year, though, so I don't feel so bad. But not this time. I'm going for the underdog in this series, wishful thinking or not.
How Will It End? Lightning in 6

Thrashers & Rangers
Regular Season Series:
Thrashers win 3-1
Sizing It Up: I was surprised as anyone to see Atlanta take off the way they did this season. The Southeast Division just keeps getting stronger doesn't it. If the Thrashers can go the distance, then every Southeast team will have made it to the Finals at least once. Two of the four who have made it even won the whole mess. Anyway, the Rangers have a lot of fight, but I doubt it will be enough. I say this one goes the distance.
How Will It End? Thrashers in 7

Senators & Penguins
Regular Season Series:
Penguiins win 3-1
Sizing It Up: This is the Sens and Pens series. Such a marketable name. A lot of people like Ottawa for this one I think, but I'm going with Pittsburgh simply because this is the time of year when things come apart for the Senators. They're so strong all season until the playoffs hit. Then the nerves get them or something. Maybe a curse.
How Will It End? Penguins in 5

Red Wings & Flames
Regular Season Series:
Tied 2-2
Sizing It Up: I'm sorry, but the end of the season was very bad to Calgary and I'm a little sad the Avalanche lost to Nashville and had to miss this postseason. Back in late March, a win against Detroit, spurred Flames to a six-game winning streak. But forget about it. Detroit is too powerful. It's like some weird voodoo. I don't think they'll ever miss the playoffs.
How Will It End? Red Wings in 4

Ducks & Wild
Regular Season Series:
Tied 2-2
Sizing It Up: I honestly have no idea on this one. I'm tempted to go with Anaheim for their strong season, but when it comes playoff-time, Minnesota is hard to beat. Plus, the Ducks have had some trouble ever since going to a marathon Finals series against Jersey in 2003. Reluctantly, I'm going to give it to the Wild by a hair.
How Will It End? Wild in 7

Canucks & Stars
Regular Season Series:
Tied 2-2
Sizing It Up: Is there a West season series that didn't end 2-2? Oh wait, the next one. Anyway, this one is ridiculous to base off of the regular season. Every game ended 2-1 and two of those went to extra time. Come on. So this one will be a wild shot in the dark. But I'm giving it to Vancouver because of Luongo. We all know how goalies can carry teams. Brodeur. Giguere. Khabibulin. Need I say more?
How Will It End? Canucks in 6

Predators & Sharks
Regular Season Series:
Predators win 3-1
Sizing It Up: I just feel like Nashville will be in the Conference Finals. They've been amazing this year and in no small thanks to some new additions, if I do say so. Kariya and Forsberg did single-handedly eliminate their former club (the Avs) from playoff contention at the end of the regular season. Sorry, San Jose, I'm going with the Preds on this one.
How Will It End? Predators in 6

Now, I'm going to do a brief version of that for the rest of the playoff rounds. We'll get more in-depth as the postseason progresses. Still, I think I'm being pretty ambitious going this far.

Conference Semifinals
Sabres & Lightning : Sabres in 5
Thrashers & Penguins : Penguins in 6
Red Wings & Wild : Red Wings in 5
Canucks & Predators : Predators in 4

Conference Finals
Sabres & Penguins : Sabres in 7
Red Wings & Predators : Predators in 5

Stanley Cup Finals
Sabres & Predators : Predators in 6

So that's that. Now let's find out just how wrong I am. The playoffs start tomorrow. And I'll probably be watching several games here and there. Not Lightning games, mind you, but other, apparently more-deserving nationally-televised games. Whatever.

Do you agree or disagree with me? Comment now!

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I have the same thing for the east and almost the complete opposite for the west