Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Last Minute Predictions From ESPN

While I was off trying to get some even coverage from all the big sports outlets, I completely skipped over ESPN's experts and I like all those guys. So here's how John Buccigross, Scott Burnside, E.J. Hradek and Barry Melrose think the first round will play out.

Buffalo vs. NY Islanders
John Buccigross Sabres in 5
Scott Burnside Sabres in 5
E.J. Hradek Sabres in 5
Barry Melrose Sabres in 5
My Verdict Again Sabres in 5
The Consensus Sabres... in 5, apparently

New Jersey vs. Tampa Bay
John Buccigross Devils in 6
Scott Burnside Lightning in 7
E.J. Hradek Devils in 6
Barry Melrose Devils in 7
My Verdict Again Lightning in 6
The Consensus Devils

Atlanta vs. NY Rangers
John Buccigross Rangers in 7
Scott Burnside Thrashers in 7
E.J. Hradek Rangers in 6
Barry Melrose Thrashers in 6
My Verdict Again Thrashers in 7
The Consensus Thrashers

Ottawa vs. Pittsburgh
John Buccigross Penguins in 6
Scott Burnside Senators in 5
E.J. Hradek Penguins in 6
Barry Melrose Senators in 6
My Verdict Again Penguins in 5
The Consensus Penguins

Detroit vs. Calgary
John Buccigross Red Wings in 7
Scott Burnside Red Wings in 7
E.J. Hradek Flames in 6
Barry Melrose Flames in 7
My Verdict Again Red Wings in 4
The Consensus Red Wings, but probably not by the margin I've suggested

Anaheim vs. Minnesota
John Buccigross Ducks in 7
Scott Burnside Ducks in 6
E.J. Hradek Ducks in 7
Barry Melrose Ducks in 6
My Verdict Again Wild in 7
The Consensus Ducks, though somewhat ironically yesterday's consensus was the Wild

Vancouver vs. Dallas
John Buccigross Canucks in 6
Scott Burnside Stars in 7
E.J. Hradek Stars in 6
Barry Melrose Canucks in 7
My Verdict Again Canucks in 6
The Consensus Canucks

Nashville vs. San Jose
John Buccigross Sharks in 6
Scott Burnside Sharks in 7
E.J. Hradek Sharks in 7
Barry Melrose Sharks in 6
My Verdict Again Predators in 6
The Consensus Sharks, and once again I think I'm the only person on earth who has faith in Nashville

For ESPN's rather extensive coverage of the postseason, including schedules, results and anything else you could think of, click here.

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