Friday, April 13, 2007

Ahead In Television

It's the end of the week and by now you have all of my predictions for the fall 2007 television season. That said, there are still plenty of pilots in development that I haven't even commented on that could very well be on network schedules this May. So over the next few weeks while we wait for the upfronts, I'm going to do a couple things.

First, next week I'm going to outline all the pilots in production and label them by whether I like them and if I think they have a shot at making the fall schedules. I'll be running those in the same order as this week (and the upfronts). NBC on Monday. ABC on Tuesday. CBS on Wednesday. And FOX on Thursday. So keep and eye out for that, if you have any interest in that sort of thing.

Plus, for the pilots I really like, I'm going to put together posts with photos of the actors who have been cast to start getting a look at everyone together for the first time for these potential new shows. Expect those posts scattered with no rhyme or reason throughout the next few weeks leading up to that wonderful week of network presentations.

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