Monday, April 9, 2007

A Grail Quest

Lest we forget, I have hockey to write about tonight. Not that I haven't written enough today. First off, the Lightning are in the playoffs. Second, the New York Islanders crushed the hopes and dreams of an entire city this afternoon. The Leafs won't be heading into the postseason thanks to a shoot victory for the Islanders. Here's how the 2007 Stanley Cup playoff matchups shake out:

Eastern Conference

  • (1) Buffalo Sabres vs (8) New York Islanders

  • (2) New Jersey Devils vs (7) Tampa Bay Lightning

  • (3) Atlanta Thrashers vs (6) New York Rangers

  • (4) Ottawa Senators vs (5) Pittsburgh Penguins

Western Conference

  • (1) Detroit Red Wings vs (8) Calgary Flames

  • (2) Anaheim Ducks vs (7) Minnesota Wild

  • (3) Vancouver Canucks vs (6) Dallas Stars

  • (4) Nashville Predators vs (5) San Jose Sharks

I may put together some predictions on the playoffs this week amidst my television predictions. I have at least until Wednesday when the first quarterfinal series get going. The Lightning hit the ice against the Devils on Thursday in Jersey.

I'm going to try and write what will probably be rather biased reviews of the games throughout the playoffs. Unfortunately now that I live in Fort Myers, I no longer get games on Sun Sports. So I'll have to settle for listening online and reading other peoples' accounts of the games unless VS. or NBC decide to throw me a bone.

I would really love nothing more than for the Cup to return to Hockey Bay USA, but unless something changes drastically in the way those guys approach games, I'm afraid to admit I don't see it happening.

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