Sunday, May 13, 2007

I Can Almost Smell Them

The new fall television schedules are so close now. I've added a schedule to the sidebar to keep us all up on when all this is going down. (If you followed that.)

So of course, where there's anticipation, there's predictions. And if you thought I was finished, think again. I made my initial predictions over a month ago when I hardly knew anything. I'll still be comparing them this week to what the networks announce, but I want to go ahead and take another whack at it.

You can expect four more posts today with predicted schedules for the fall. Based on the info we have now, that is. I like to keep guessing right up until I can't anymore.

Here's the deal — each post will have my original schedule alongside what I'm figuring today. Then tomorrow, we'll start filling in the blanks to see where everything stands. Yeah, and then we'll wait four months to start seeing premieres. Sure.

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